Print Review: Angel Dust volume 1 (complete)

Angel Dust volume 1 (complete)

Review Angel Dust volume 1 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating fair

I originally obtained Angel Dust as a freebie when I bought a subscription to the now defunct New type (American) magazine. I guess you get what you pay for.

Yuina Hatori was just a girl living a normal life but quietly dealing with a dead mother and distant father. One day she saw a winged woman fall from the sky. She had no name but a code that labeled her as Seraph. Seraph was a special kind of Bioroid called an emulate with the ability to bond with a human and thus Seraph asks Yuina to form a contract with her. The bond with Seraph grants Yuina her power, something that will come in handy when Yuina has to confront her old friend who has a secret grudge and a contract with another emulate.

Angel Dust is a short manga, lasting only one volume. The lack of space in the story is perhaps itís greatest weakness as there is no space for anything other than a generic setup and a rushed conclusion. It is quite a shame since both of the emulates in the story seem to have a complex history which could have used some more exploration. The characters are okay for what you see of them but there isnít enough space to really get to know them. Overall I found Angel Dust to be a below average manga that I wouldnít suggest buying.

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