Print Review: Chocolat volumes 1-2

Chocolat volumes 1-2

Review Chocolat volumes 1-2Written by warp shadowRating good

Although this title at it’s core is your basic shojo bishonen series I wouldn’t call it especially good or especially bad.

Being a fan girl is harder than it looks. Kum Ji is the self proclaimed biggest fan of the boy band DDL but in reality she is so far down the fan girl food chain that she could never get much access to her favorite band. That is until she concocts a plan, namely becoming the fan club president of a new band called YO I and using the power she gains from the office to gain access to her beloved DDL. Her plots stands to get Kum Ji into a world of trouble starting when she gets into a fight with one of YO I’s band members without knowing who he is.

The otaku type of story is something that has been gaining popularity as of late but until this story I haven’t seen all that much of the subgenre applied to girls. Chocolat changes the equation somewhat as is a story about Kum Ji and her adventures with bishonen. The story is decent enough especially when the main character clashes with her supposed favorite band being entertaining. This is also interspersed with the character’s observations on the fandom of Korean boy bands which is also mildly interesting to hear about. Overall if you like shojo stories there is a good chance you will like this one as well.

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