Print Review: Dragon Knights volumes 1-5

Dragon Knights volumes 1-5

Review Dragon Knights volumes 1-5Written by WarpshadowRating good

Dragon Knights isn't a bad manga but it certainly isn't for everyone. It's a shojo type fantasy show and should only be read by people that like that sort of thing.

Rath is a hot headed demon slayer. Thatz is mainly interested in food and money. Rune just wants to go home. Together the three are the dragon knights, warriors of great elemental power. They have just recently have slain the demon lord Nadil and have been tasked with taking his head back to their Lord. Along the way they run into all matter of foes who threaten to end their quest if their personality conflicts don't do that first.

As can probably be told from the title Dragon Knights is a fantasy manga. It has been strangely common for fantasy titles in anime to take the comedic route and dragon knights is no exception. The major problem is that the comedy just isn't that funny. The manga, especially in the earlier volumes is held together by the artwork which is nicely done, especially if one is a fan of bishonen. There is an arching plot if you get past volume one and it is complex although I found it to be hard to follow especially since it switches between plot threads easily and feels interrupted by attempts at humor. This is not a particularly bad manga but one that requires a good deal of patience and a previously said love of bishonen won't hurt either.

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