Print Review: Dears Volumes 1-4

Dears Volumes 1-4

Review DearS Volumes 1-4Written by WarpshadowRating fair

The idea of a magical girlfriend is kind of common in manga so a story needs more than a slightly creepy story about her being your slave to make it interesting.

The Dears were a race of aliens that have crash landed on Earth and have since become incredibly popular with the locals. However Takeya Ikura couldn’t care less about the Dears. One day he meets a strange woman by accident who proclaims that she is to be his forever. The girl collapses and so he takes her home and decides to call her by a shortened version of her full name, Ren. He will learn that having his own alien slave girl has problems that come with the situation.

Dears is the story of a boy and the hot girl who lives to fulfill his every whim like many fan service oriented manga and anime stories made for men. The problem with this manga is that it does nothing to really expand the genre or make it all that interesting. The main female (Ren) has a personality made out of cardboard and most of the side characters exist to fulfill some sort of fetish. On top of this the whole idea of a race of slaves can be more than a bit creepy to some readers. Dears is a manga that I do not recommend to anybody other than the horniest of boys even then there is better stuff out there.

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