Print Review: Eage The First Asian American President volumes 1-3

Eage The First Asian American President volumes 1-3

Review Eagle The First Asian American President volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating good

Real world politics isn’t usually something that you expect to see in manga but if I have learned anything by now it is that this medium is truly broad in scope.

Takeshi Jo is a reporter for a Japanese newspaper. One day his mother dies in an accident leaving Takeshi with the news that his father is actually an American. Soon after his called into work and given an overseas assignment, he is to cover the campaign of the first Japanese American Presidential candidate, Kenneth Yamaoka. When he arrives in the USA he receives preferential treatment from Yamaoka and when the two meet alone Yamaoka tell Takeshi the reason why, the two are in fact father and son.

The treatment of Americans in anime and manga is something that is a bit annoying to many American anime fans so it is nice to see a manga series that takes a more complex look at them. In fact everywhere I look in this manga I see a story that is very well researched which is is another big plus with me. However I feel that this is a manga with a narrow range of appeal as there is no physical action in the manga and even less romance. If you are looking for something that has a bit more of an intellectual angle to it and are willing to search around to find it you may just find Eagle to be an enjoyable read.

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