Print Review: Chobits volumes 1-8 (complete)

Chobits volumes 1-8 (complete)

Review Chobits volumes 1-8 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating very good

Just because a manga is about cute robot girls doesn’t mean that it is necessarily shallow or pointless. Chobits is one of those few manga titles that can put in something to think about while reading through the cuteness.

Hideki Motosuwas was a boy from the country who had moved to the city to go to college. He was a poor cram school student who couldn't even afford a persocom, a human shaped computer which was all the rage. One day he runs across a persocom piled among the curbside garbage. Eager for a deal he takes it home and tries to turn it on. The persocom in question is a girl named Chi since that was the only word she could say at first. As Hideki slowly learns about Persocoms he finds out that Chi isn't like most persocoms but could she be one of the legendary persocoms, the Chobits?Chobits is a story about a man who falls in love with a robot. While that may sound like this manga is a cheap fetish the truth is that Chobits takes the concept of a relationship with an artificial being and looks at it from several angles including questioning whether the whole thing is right. Moreover this manga manages to do just that while still working well as a manga for those you just wanted read something about a cute robot girl. To make a comparison to the anime version of Chobits this manga is pretty much the same although the better elements of Chobits are more dominant in the manga version. I found Chobits to be a very good manga so It is one that I would recommend to those that like a little depth with their cute girl stories.

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