Print Review: Chibi Vampire volumes 1-3

Chibi Vampire volumes 1-3

Review Chibi Vampire volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

As romantic comedies go Chibi Vampire is one with a few good genre subversions with enough underlying quality to make this a good read.

Karin Maaka may look like a normal girl but she holds a secret that makes her very embarrassed, she is a vampire. She isn't even a normal vampire as instead of having too little blood she actually needs to bite people to give them her blood so it doesn't spurt out her nose. One day a transfer student named Kenta Usui comes to her school and his every presence causes a reaction in Karin. It may or may not be love but makes her blood increase which above all else Karin finds embarrassing.Chibi Vampire is a romantic comedy about vampires that is a bit different than the other stories of it's type. The really interesting thing is that the previous sentence is true whether you are saying it about romantic comedies or stories about vampires. I would say that this is a manga that is more directed at boys but given that it has a female viewpoint character and a general lack of moe exploitation I would say that girls could probably enjoy this story too. Overall I found Chibi Vampire too be a decent story who should appeal to a fairly wide audience.

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