Print Review: Beyond The Beyond volumes 1-3

Beyond The Beyond volumes 1-3

Review Beyond The Beyond Volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating fair

Just so I make this perfectly clear, this is not the review of the lackluster play station one rpg; this is the review of the review of the lackluster fantasy manga.

Futaba Kudo was just an ordinary boy living an ordinary life until one day a girl named Kiara appeared in the middle of the sky right before him. She said she was something called the Amantherine and that Futaba was her master. When confronted with danger they found out that Futaba couldn't access her powers and so Kiara was mistaken about him being her master. However he does agree to go with Kiara to her world to find her real master. However given that he is just a normal boy with no special powers doing so is easier said than done.

Beyond The Beyond is a fairly average if slightly bland example of the fantasy genre. Although the manga starts to show a larger plot in the middle of volume three the story before that is a fairly normal picaresque romp through a fantasy world. The main problem with this manga is that the two main characters have personalities made out of cardboard with their two traveling companions, Futaba's clingy friend prince Virid and the sassy bunny wizard Belbel faring little better. While I don't consider this manga to be awful it is devoid of anything that makes this manga worth recommending.

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