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Bleach Souls

Review Bleach SoulsWritten by WarpshadowRating good/ very good

I have often said in my reviews that such and such franchise movie or oav spin off will only appeal to fans of the franchise but in the case of a character book like Bleach Souls such a statement applies even more so. So the question is if you are a Bleach fan should you pick up this book. Note that this is Anifantikku's first use of the phrase Hell yeah.

The majority of this book is a detailed summary of the Bleach story all the way up to volume 21. The format of the book makes it better for reading through as a refresher of the story as opposed to a Bleach Encyclopedia as the information is presented in chronological order with the information relevant to volume 1 followed by the information relevant to volume 2 and so on. There are even multiple entries of a character with information about Ichigo being spread over seven different pages. However the book contains just about anything that a Bleach Fan would want to know other than Orihime's three sizes or information that doesn't really pertain to the story like Zaraki's favorite food. For it's oddly organized nature the character book is good at pointing out the important bits of the story as well as maintaining the style that make Bleach such a popular series. In addition to the information there are several extras including an interview with Kubo and the voice actor for Ichigo, sixteen pages of color images and an alternate version of chapter one of the story. Overall I have found this to be a worthwhile addition to the collection of any Bleach fan, maybe as a holiday gift but then again if you are buying for a huge Bleach fan they might have bought this by the time Christmas rolls around.

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