Print Review: Dark Edge volumes 1-2

Dark Edge volumes 1-2

Review Dark Edge volumes 1-2Written by WarpshadowRating good

I have read several manga that are better at artwork than story but this is one of the few that despite the mediocre art has a pretty intriguing story.

When Kuro Takagi's mother died he received a notice from his father that he would start attending Yotsuji High School. One day he breaks one of the school's most important rules, that all students must leave the school by sunset. When he along with five other unlucky students are caught in school after dark they find out why; the school faculty transforms into zombies and other sorts of flesh eating monsters. Even if the group manages to survive the night will the school eventually be the death of all of them?

As you can probably tell from the story description this is a horror story. What makes this different than many horror stories is that Dark Edge (or at least from what I can tell from what I read) is a story with a rather involved plot as opposed to a collection of monster of the week stories. This does allow for the characters, especially the main group of students to be explored a bit better than the usual group of monster hunters that usually populate the genre. The mood of the story usually (of course) dark but occasionally the manga throws a joke in the mix. While I think this is a good manga I did find the artwork to be a bit mediocre. If you can look beyond that I would easily recommend Dark Edge for your regular dose of horror manga.

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