Print Review: Excel Saga volumes 1-3

Excel Saga volumes 1-3

Review Excel Saga volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating good

Excel Saga is a manga that does itís best to take zaniness to the next level but if you want something that has a bit of variety to it then this manga may start to get old after a while.

Many people want to conquer the world but the great and wise Lord IlPalatzo has a much more sensible goal, to conquer the city. Even with his more down to Earth ambitions he still needs minions, like the excessively loyal but very scatterbrained Excel. However just as cities don't conquer themselves the money that is needed to conquer them doesn't grow on trees and so is often so poor that she thinks of eating her dog/emergency rations. Will the loyal minion Excel be able to complete her mission and help Lord IlPalatzo conquer the city? Who knows.

As you could probably guess Excel Saga is a comedy manga and a pretty spastic one at that. While I have a difficult time recommending or not recommending comedies I can safely tell you two things about this manga. The first is that the manga quite different from the anime version, not always in good ways but at least if you are a fan of the anime you can read this for new material. The second is that I found volumes two and three to be noticeably better than volume one so I suggest you have a little patience with this manga. So overall I think you just might enjoy this comedy manga.

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