Print Review: .Hack AI Buster volumes 1-2

.Hack AI Buster volumes 1-2

Review .Hack AI Buster volumes 1-2Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

Like many franchises hack has a lot of material made for it that is not necessarily tied to the original creator's vision. These books are an example of that.

With over 15 million users the online game known as the world is truly immense. As with any database there are bound to be a few bugs but in a game as large as the world finding and disposing of them is truly a quest of epic proportions. The professional Debuggers, the cobalt knights are a secretive group that hunts down non Player phenomenon in the world. One day a player runs across a strange girl named Lycoris. Lycoris is not a player yet she is far too advanced to be a normal npc.

.Hack AI Buster is two books that have different formats. The first is a novel and the second is a collection of five short stories. If ound the novel t be weak as it is hampered by exposition that anyone vaguely familiar with the Hack franchise already knows. The main necessity of the novel (which does read quickly) is that it helps one's understanding of the short stories. In both cases the story is told from a first person perspective, something that can be a bit confusing as the identity of the narrator is not always made clear. I got these books from the library but I wouldn't feel like they would have been a good purchase.

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