Print Review: Cyborg 009 volumes 1-3

Cyborg 009 volumes 1-3

Review Cyborg 009 volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating good

Manga has been going on for quite some time but older titles but Cyborg 009 is a one of those titles that is fortunately available even if it is dated.

The Cold War was a time of rapid progress in warfare and no one benefited from the strife like those that sold weapons, a shadowy organization known as Black Ghost. Nuclear weapons presented a threat to their profits as open warfare would destroy the Earth. The solution was to create cyborgs that could open a new theater of warfare, space. While testing the prototypes the cyborgs rebelled against Black Ghost. Having their lives ripped from them the cyborgs have no choice but to fight Black Ghost.

Cyborg 009 is an action series of the old school tradition as it was created in the sixties and seventies. The manga definitely show it's age in the character designs which are humorous and cartoony being from a time when the prevalent manga art style resembled American animation. The chapters can vary in length from five to a hundred pages depending on the story told. This is most definitely a series aimed at children as it contains mostly super-hero action and comedy yet never is afraid of difficult subjects. Cyborg 009 is never a manga to shy away from politics and does give a bit of insight to the Japanese position in the Cold War. This is a series that is probably best enjoyed by those that have a slightly academic interest in manga but is welcoming to anyone who can appreciate a vintage action series.

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