Print Review: DNAngel volumes 1-5

DNAngel volumes 1-5

Review DnAngel Volumes 1-5Written by WarpshadowRating very good

DNAngel is a different kind of action manga with a more feminine twist to it. However itís not girly enough that I think guys would be repulsed by it.

Daisuke Niwa is a young man with an ordinary problem, the girl he likes (Risa) has just rejected him. This problem is compounded when he learns of his family secret, that he is to turn into the phantom thief Dark and steal dangerous artwork. However the trigger that turns Daisuke into Dark is his very love for Risa. Being a young boy in love is always a difficult thing but can Daisuke sort out his feelings and avoid the authorities at the same time?

In terms of genre classification DnAngel is an interesting manga as it is an action manga of sorts with a strong trend towards romance. I would best explain it as a shonen manga story created for girls. It works as good entertainment as it neither devolves into a typical shonen adventure story but uses itís action elements to keep a story going, something that many romance stories have a problem attaining. Throw in some good artwork and for my recommendation at least you have a winner, whether the prospective reader is a boy or a girl.

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