Print Review: Crest of the Stars manga vol 1

Crest of the Stars manga vol 1

Review Crest of the Stars manga vol 1aka Monsho no SekaiWritten by WarpshadowRating fair

While it is usually the case that anime is adapted into anime shows there are still cases of art being adapted into manga. If Crest of the Stars is any indication it is pretty obvious what it is a fairly rare occurrence.

When the Abh invaded Jinto’s home planet of Martine he never imagined anything close to the outcome. Making a deal with the Abh Jinto’s father joined the empire to rule it as a feudal lord. Young Jinto goes to school hiding his newfound status as an Abh for years. All of this changes when he moves to a more advanced school and meets another Abh for the first time, a young woman named Lafiel who will escort him to where he needs to go. Their voyage will be far from uneventful as the Abh empire is on the verge of war.

It is important to note that the manga for Crest of the Stars is as much of an adaptation of the original novels as the anime. In comparison what is covered in the first 13 episodes of the anime is crammed into one graphic novel, thus cutting out some of the good stuff, including the spaceship battles. Also the character designs have a very soft feel to them, one that befits a more comedic story than Crest of the Stars. Also the dialogue leans heavily on the Abh language, making the reading have to flip to the dictionary located in the back of the book often. All these factors add up an unenjoyable experience and a product unworthy of purchase.

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