Print Review: Faerie's Landing volumes 1-5

Faerie's Landing volumes 1-5

Review Faerie's LandingWritten by WarpshadowRating very good

Although the bulk of my reviews are based on Japanese works it is good to read stuff that comes from other countries. Faerie's landing is a good example of why one should broaden the horizons.

One day Ryang Jegal saved a woodland spirit from the police (despite being in a city at the time). As a reward the spirit takes Ryang to a secret place where he can see fairies bathe. a mishap causes one of the fairie's garment to tear preventing her from returning to her home in Avalon. The fairy in question is a girl named Fanta, and has no choice but to live with Ryang un til she can find a way home. The real fun starts though when Fanta divines Ryang's fortune and finds out that he has 108 ill fated romances.

Unlike most reviews on Anifanatikku Faerie's Landing is Korean manga or Manwha which makes for a good deal of superficial differences, as it reads from left to right for example. In practice though it is very much a romantic comedy from a male perspective. As such it is a pretty good example of the genre being that it doesn't insult the reader's intelligence and has a generally good plot. the artwork is decent and the girls are cute even if it doesn't depend to highly on fan service. One thing that is very noticeable is the author's fondness for video games, especially the Virtua Fighter games. One other thing about this title being a Manwha is that waiting for an anime adaptation is a lost cause so you might as well get this in paperback.

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