Print Review: Demon Diary volumes 1-3

Demon Diary volumes 1-3

Review Demon Diary volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating fair

To be short Demon Diary is a manga without much substance and not enough humor to make somebody fail to notice it.

Although he knew nothing about how to do the job Raenef was eager to take the position of demon lord. There was one problem though as demon lords are supposed to be wicked and cruel monsters which is the antithesis of Raenef's personality. However the young demon lord has a teacher named Eclipse who is going to try his hardest to whip Raenef into shape.

Demon Diary is a manga that for the most part is a light and fluffy comedy. The problem is and believe me it is a big problem is that it just isn't that funny. This is compouded by the fact that even when they have a halfway decent joke it is run completely into the ground through repetition. The art on the other hand is competently done and supplies the biggest draw that this manga has, namely bishonen. However bishonen are a dime a dozen when it comes to manga and so there isn't really anything special that makes Demon Diary worth buying.

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