Print Review: Beauty Is The Beast volumes 1-3

Beauty Is The Beast volumes 1-3

Review Beauty Is The Beast volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating fair/good

Unlike anime there is a good deal of shojo manga titles out there and just like any sizable medium in existence there is a great deal of stories that are bad or simply average. This is one of them.

In order to stay at the same school that she has been attending when her parents move away Eimi Yamashita decides to move into the school’s dorm for girls. On her first night there as a tradition she is to go on what is called a mission to collect the nameplate of when of the rooms in the boys dorm. Things go a bit awry and she ends up having to hide in the room of one of the boys, a scary looking but handsome boy named Wanibuchi.

Beauty Is The Beast is a fairly average shojo manga that is really little more than the meandering story of Eimi and her adventures in dorm life and her relationship with Wanibuchi. The other characters includes Eimi’s two dormates Misao and Suzu are developed somewhat but never to the point where they are capable of holding the story beyond chapters which feel like side stories rather than honest character development. The development of the main characters is a bit better but not by much. Overall this is a pretty mediocre manga that I wouldn’t recommend to anybody other than those that will read just about anything that’s shojo.

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