Print Review: Enchanter volumes 1-5

Enchanter volumes 1-5

Review Enchanter volumes 1-5Written by WarpshadowRating good

Enchanter is a fairly average manga title for it’s genre and by that I mean that if the idea of a high school student fighting monsters and sexy female demons interests you, you probably might like Enchanter.

Haruhiko is a high school student with an unfortunate crush on his science teacher Yuka. One day while trying to fix a music player for Yuka Haruhiko draws the attention of the demon Eukanaria who looks just like Yuka. Haruhiko finds out that he is the reincarnation of Fucanelli a powerful enchanter and has retained some of Fucanelli’s powers. Eukanaria has an interest in Haruhiko as she wants to extract his soul so she can have the old Fucanelli back. So begins Haruhiko’s adventure in love and magic.

As a fan service laden romantic comedy Enchanter is a fairly middle of the pack sort of title. However it isn’t without certain twists on old clichés that keep it fairly interesting. Also there is a bit of action thrown in to spice things up. One good thing about the fan service is that unlike far too many manga titles out there Enchanter firmly believes that women over the age of eighteen are hot. Overall I found this to be a decent manga title and a worthwhile read for those interested in fan service and magic.

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