Print Review: Dragon Head volumes 1-3

Dragon Head volumes 1-3

Review Dragon Head volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating very good

All too often the horror genre means that a story has vampires and whatnot instead of what it is supposed to mean; that the story is supposed to be scary. It is a good thing that Dragon Head does horror right.

Teru Aoki thought that the train ride home from a school trip would be ordinary. That changed the second the train derailed and became trapped in a tunnel surrounded by the corpses of his teachers and classmates. The only other survivors were another boy named Nobuo and a girl who was still unconscious. The shock and fear of the event was pretty jarring but things slowly go from very bad to worse as hopes of rescue dim and Nobuo's begins to lose his grip on reality.

Although I like to make my reviews longer I could easily sum up Dragon Head in one simple sentence; This manga is really $#%^ creepy. This manga series is what horror usually tries to be but often fails, and it does it with a minimum if any supernatural elements. However this is not for everyone especially those who may be easily offended for any reason. The story takes a bit of turn which takes a bit of pressure off of our protagonists but the dark tone of the manga still remains. This manga is a very good read for anybody looking for a case of the jibblies.

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