Print Review: ES Eternal Sabbath volumes 1-4

ES Eternal Sabbath volumes 1-4

Review ES Eternal Sabbath volumes 1-4Written by WarpshadowRating very good/ excellent

There are many manga that can entertain from one angle but Eternal Sabbath is one of the few that has several strengths to it.

Shuro may look like a normal man at first look but in fact he is a genetically engineered telepath. Most people know nothing as Shuro can rearrange people’s thoughts, either sending them into fits of terror or making them forget the who situation. One day Mine Kujyou, a brain researcher runs across a case of hysteria caused burns and finds out about Shuro. The two take a strange interest in each other, one trying to learn about telepaths and the other trying to figure out about the human soul.

In my mind there are two ways of looking at ES and from both perspectives this manga simply succeeds. If looked at from a perspective of a budding romance between Shuro and Mine this is a story that overcomes many of the clichés that plague many stories both shojo and shonen. The other and more dominant perspective is that this is a story about the nature of morality when it comes to socialization. Although the philosophical territory does cross into territory covered by other manga such as death note this title takes those issues from a very different angle making it well worth reading even if you are a fan of the other series. Overall I found this to be a sharp manga title that should work with a broad audience.

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