Print Review: Devil Does Exist, The volumes 1-3

Devil Does Exist, The volumes 1-3

Devil Does Exist, The volumes 1-3Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

The messed up bishonen character is a staple of shojo manga but it has been done in many stories and often times much better than this.

Kayano was just another school girl in love and the object of her affections was Yuichi, the captain of the basketball team. However something awful happened to Kayano and that something awful was troublemaker Takeru Edogawa taking a most malicious type of interest in her. To make matters worse Takeruís father is going to marry Kayanoís mother meaning that soon she wonít even be able to escape him at home. But is Takeru as bad as Kayano thinks he is?

I think I have read enough shojo manga to know a bland, generic shojo story when I see one and when I look at the Devil Does Exist that is what I see. The main problem that I see is that instead of having a broad cast of interesting characters the story spends most of itís energy promoting Takeru as a misunderstood bad boy. Even then the presentation of him does feel forced and unsympathetic. While this manga may work for you if you like him but donít expect much of anything else from the manga. This is a manga I do not recommend simply because I believe that anyone who will like this will probably read this regardless of what I say.

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