Print Review: Chronicles Of The Cursed Sword volumes 1-7

Chronicles Of The Cursed Sword volumes 1-7

Review Chronicles Of The Cursed Sword volumes 1-7Written by WarpshadowRating good

I found Chronicles Of The Cursed Sword to be a decent Shonen adventure type of story that might be a bit different but not really all that much better than one of the more average specimens of the genre.

Rey Yan is at first look a normal traveler but he has many secrets, not the least of which is that he is the wielder of the bloodthirsty Pasa sword. One day he and his sister Shyao save Jaryoon from a hungry demon only to find that he is in the king of Hahyun. Jaryoon recruitís the pair to take him to the capitial since they are stronger than normal guards. The journey will be an interesting one especially when the demon realm takes notice of Rey and his very powerful sword.

Under genre classifications I would call Chronicles Of The Cursed Sword a fantasy story although it is a bit different than what the tropes many people familiar with. There are elements of the wuxia genre in this manga but they arenít pervasive enough to call this a martial arts story. Another way of looking at it would be to say that this is a shonen adventure story but the trappings of the story are a bit different. The plot starts out as a string of wandering monsters but develops into something a bit more interesting in volume 3. I found the story quick to read through just like many other shonen adventure stories that I read. The artwork is passable but nothing all that great. I only recommend this to those looking for another Naruto or Bleach to read.

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