Print Review: Berserk volumes 1-15

Berserk volumes 1-15

Review Berserk volumes 1-15Written by WarpshadowRating Excellent

Rarely if ever have I seen a story that can encapsulate a world that feels as real as it is dark while kicking as much ass as Berserk. Clearly this manga is a classic.

In a country wracked by strife and oppression there is a man known as the black swordsman. He is a warrior of almost inhuman power who is driven only by his hatred of demons, especially the one that he calls Griffith. Certainly such a man isnít ordinary but how can a man not only become so strong but also so driven by vengeance. That is a story that no mere series could ever properly cover so I wonít even try.

Berserk is a fantasy story but for those familiar or uninterested in the genre this is a very different sort of fantasy story. The world it is set in is a clearly medieval one but also one with all the wars and grime of medieval life that is usually skipped of in most fantasy stories. In that world is a story that can be easily described as a bare-knuckled action rollercoaster that takes no prisoners. However beyond the grime and the gore Berserk still manages to give itís characters a verisimilitude that raises the manga above the realm of cheap thrills or exploitation. The artwork is the icing on the proverbial cake as it is noticeably better than the vast majority of manga series out there. In short Berserk is one of the most awesome manga series out there and any true fan (that is mature enough) should see it.

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