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There are many ways to win fantastic prizes at ASO Radio! Each contest has winners who get chosen prizes from our mysterious Mystery Vault of fabulous prizes. Will you be our winner this time?

Please see our official rules for additional contest information and guidelines.

ASO Squad Contest

In this contest the prize goes to the person who best helped promote our Web sites. The ASO Squad and Custom Banners sections have helpful material well-suited for this purpose. The update will feature lots of audio clips, banners, buttons, fliers, graphics, slogans, and other promotional goods.

So how should a promoter spread the good word about what we do here? Have some suggestions:

  • Post a review/criticism/critique of the latest entry into a Web site such as ASO Radio, Anifanatikku, or MRVC on some of one's favorite forums
  • Change your e-mail and forum signiture to include one of our banners and a link to its corresponding site
  • Mention our show in chat rooms or instant messages with your friends
  • Pass out ready-made or custom fliers at big events like anime conventions, scifi conventions, comic book conventions, rodeos, parades, book signings, etc.
  • Link to us from your own personal Web site
  • Submit a link to ASO Radio to popular directory services we might not be listed on such as Google, Yahoo!, DMOZ, Anime Pitstop, Animenation...

Entrants in this contest should post the places we can see you promoting the Productions in the contributor contest thread of the Nz17 Productions forum.

Fan Art Contest

This contest's prize goes to the person who contributes the best Nz17 Productions-related fan art for a given month. The artwork, which can be in the form of a drawing, painting, sculpture, photograph, or any other type of visual medium, must feature either ASO Radio mascot Bandie, AniFanatikku mascots Kumi or Yuki, or any of the Macrobo V series' characters. Multiple entries can be submitted by the same entrant in any given month. The more artwork someone submits, the better her odds are of winning, so be sure to enter as many times as possible for the best odds!

Please use our official fan art submission form to submit your entry to our contest. If you are submitting a physical piece of art, we will contact you later with additional information on how to your submit your work to us.

Forum Contributor Contest

Here the prize goes to the best contributor of the Nz17 Productions message boards during a given month. This is judged by a number of subjective criteria. The following guidelines are a good rule of conduct to go by:

  • Make posts that are interesting and on-topic
  • Post on a frequent, regular basis
  • Use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Be helpful and courteous to fellow forum goers

Trivia Contest

Every issue of the "What's Up at Nz17 Productions" newsletter contains a special trivia question available only to What's Up readers. To make sure you don't miss out on the latest trivia questions, subscribe to our newsletter. In addition, you'll get all the latest news on what's happening with ASO Radio and its sister sites.

If you believe you know the correct answer to the trivia question, use our fan mail submission form to send in your response. At the end of the month, we'll draw one winner from all of the correct entries.

Official Rules

No purchase necessary. Contests are open to all entrants of all ages except where prohibited by law. Judges' decisions are final. Odds of winning are directly relational to number of entries received per contest per period. In the case of no entries in a given contest within a given period no prizes will be awarded for that contest for that period. Prize value varies according to a contest's chosen prize(s). Winners will be chosen at the end of a contest's period and may be announced on subsequent ASO Radio Episode(s). Winners may be contacted via various means including but not limited to e-mail, telephone, fax, text message, and standard postal mail. Nz17 Productions staff and relatives are exempt from winning in any contest. Void where prohibited by law.