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nz17 Tuesday, 07 August 2012 05:14:15 +0000
Subject: Re: Sakura War in general.
Oh wow, there's so much to pick from that it is difficult to choose just a few. Then again, listing everything wouldn't really be good either!

I suppose what really makes the series shine for me is the characters. The world and story feel more like the backdrop for the characters rather than the other way around. And each character is someone you can care about. Now you might not have a strong preference for each of them, but there is something to like about all of them and the games always spend time developing the personalities and back-story of each character, adding all sorts of little things to give hidden depth to each of them so they are more than just mere faces or stereotypes. None of them are flawless which makes them all feel more human, more believable. If you'll pardon the stage analogy, they are all an ensemble cast with great variety and have something for every discerning audience member.